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Extreme Face Fucking Porn Video of Lil Red

Lil Red was, literally, thrown to the wolves tonight. This is her first ever porn video, and with the full support of her father, she didn't want to blow her big chance at stardom. Let me say that again... SHE HAS THE FULL SUPPORT OF HER FATHER. That blew my fucking mind. Why would someone's dad encourage their "little princess" to gobble huge cocks and get treated like shit? I'll never know. What I do know is Lil Red is troll like and the only thing she really has going for her is her big tits. Aside from that, she looks like a big ball of pizza dough. I will give her props, though. She never had a cock jammed down her throat like this before and she actually did well. If she could drop 40 pounds, tone up and maybe stand outside in the sun for 20 minutes... she may just have a shot at giving her porn fans an erection.